Fight Between Donno And Giovanna

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About Me

My name is Giovanna Moore, I am 47 years old, 5'1, 102lbs with red hair and blue eyes. Born and raised in Sudbury Ontario, I have had the opportunity to experience our Northern environment.  I consider myself to be adventurous and outgoing. For the past 4 years I have become more involved in my acting career by  attending workshops and acting classes.  I am presently a member of ACTRA.

With my Italian background and having lived in Italy for 8 years, I have been able to maintain my ability to speak, write and understand the Italian language.

My love for the outdoors and fearless personality allows me to be able to take on many roles.

I consider myself to be in above average physical condition and capable of physical roles.

I have the ability to  work on projects within Northern and Southern Ontario.

I am responsible and professional and  willing to take on all roles.

I am able to audition on short notice and look forward to auditioning for various roles.

Available for Projects

I act on screen and I am also available for voice over acting. Please see my resume for the details of my experience and skills.

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A clip from Jane the Virgin

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